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Empire South Terminal, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Empire Diversified Energy

Multi-Modal Logistics


Riverfront Eco-Industrial Complex

A full-service bulk storage facility that takes advantage of its access to multi-modal logistics infrastructure and location on the Ohio River

Empire South Terminal of West Virginia, LLC (the “Company” or “South Terminal”) is a subsidiary of Empire Diversified Energy, Inc. (“Empire”) and acts as a complementary business unit to Empire Trimodal Terminal, LLC (“ETT” or “The Port of West Virginia” or “The Port”).  South Terminal will provide storage of various types of cargo offloaded from barges, trucks and rail cars at The Port for a variety of products that range from bulk liquids like petrochemical products to non-hazardous bulk materials like dry bulk cement, mineral abrasives or graphite. 

In late 2021, South Terminal acquired two riverfront properties adjacent to The Port of West Virginia with the goal of creating a full-service bulk storage facility that takes advantage of its access to multi-modal logistics infrastructure and location on the Ohio River. The properties acquired by the Company include the former Koppers coal tar plant and its inland port assets, approximately 13.45 acres, and the Follansbee Steel property, approximately 11.3 acres. The project is financed with the proceeds of the West Virginia Economic Development Authority Dock and Wharf Facilities Revenue Bonds (Empire South Terminal of West Virginia, LLC Project). It involves the revamp of the existing tank farm at the Koppers property (“North Tank Farm”) and the addition of new warehousing areas at the former Follansbee Steel facility (“Warehousing Area”). To date, the acquisition of the property, assets, and development of facilities have been funded through a combination of equity and short-term debt. The salient milestones achieved thus far include constructing two (2) 50,000-square-foot warehouses and an adjacent laydown yard for storing bulk cargo. Additionally, South Terminal has advanced the site development work at the North Tank Farm with the demolition of 20 obsolete carbon steel tanks and associated piping. The balance of the Project focuses on equipping the warehousing area with material handling capabilities and renovating the tank farm assets.

At project completion, South Terminal will be a fully adaptable intermodal terminal capable of handling more than 500,000 tons of cargo freight annually and over 2 million gallons of liquid storage capacity to provide customers with customized on-demand services for bulk cargo transloading and storage.

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